Sitting on a gator’s tail

Author & Illustrator Arthur Dorro as a boy sitting on an alligator tail.

Here is a 4 year old boy sitting on the tail of a 10’ alligator posing for a photo. If this happened today, the authorities would be called and there would be social media roasting….. And we would be missing the bigger picture. This photograph captured a moment that became a catalyst in this mans life. From here, a spark was lit to venture out and see the rainforest, to learn about its natural riches and to educate children about its important place in our world. Now I am not saying we should set our children on the backs of gators to spark a career in conservation and education. But I do encourage you to allow moments of mess (and maybe even risk 🤭) to happen in your journey to find the joy in our world. #adventure #rainforest #education #forourchildren #conservation #author #illustrator #alligator #fernsandfeathers #delaware #naturalist

Rain Forest Secrets by Arthur Dorros
A note from Arthur with a great experiment for a backyard adventure.
A page from Dorro’s book.
Back when you needed to write letters…

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