The Buckit Blog
Written by local Becca Snow, she captures her outdoor adventures with her 3 young children in and around Delaware. Her impressive ‘list’ is a comprehensive collection of places to go to experience adventure. [The List]

Macaroni Kids – Dover, Smryna, Milford
Kristen Vanhekle is the ‘does-it-all’ mom who is committed to connecting families to fantastic activities in the Kent County area. Her calendar and weekly emails are the best way to know “who, what, where, when, why” for Delaware families.

Marine Education, Research & Rehabilitation (M.E.R.R.)
M.E.R.R. is Delaware’s only organization that monitors and rescues Delaware’s dolphins, whale, seals and sea turtles. Suzanne Thurman runs the show and relies on the help of volunteers. Yes, volunteers. Even you can help rescue marine life in Delaware. During your walks at the beach, if you come across stranded marine mammals or sea turtles, call 302-228-5029.

Archeological Society of Delaware (A.S.D.)
Now here is an organization who can school you in Delaware’s history, and they do a fine job of it. Delaware’s history goes back hundreds, thousands, even millions of years. You can find artifacts to reveal the past. The ASD holds meetings and educational talks to help get you in touch with the past of Delaware.

Delaware Council of Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education (D.C.W.R.E.)
This group helps with injured wildlife in Delaware. If you find an injured mammal or reptile, they can assist.

Tri State Bird Rescue
Tri State Bird Rescue is the only facility in Delaware that can help injured birds. Good place to have on-hand if you come across an injured bird. They also run on volunteers, accept donations and have an open house each year.

Delaware Surf Fishing
This website is dedicated to surf fishing in Delaware, and much more. It also has local news and events. So if you are an angler in Delaware, you will want to check out this site. Plus, if you buy one of their hoodies, it super comfy.

Delaware Nature Society

The Nature Conservancy in Delaware