Leafy Letters

She used blades of grass to trace her name.

Recommended Age:
3 years old +
Blank Paper
Collected leaves and blades of grass
Approximately 10 minutes, depending on how many words/letters you finish
To use foraged leaves to build words and then glue them into place.
Goal: Using tactile & visual senses to create shapes, building letters & words and increasing recognition.

Once we finished collecting our blades of grass (Check out our Preschool Pruning activity to see how we collected our grass), we brought our samples inside and laid them on the kitchen table.

Our collecting clippings from the Preschool Pruning Activity

We sorted several leaves out of the pile so they could be pressed (dried) in an old book for future crafts. We also put several flowers in the book as well. We will check on those at a later date.

We pressed several clippings into an old book for later crafts

The rest we used for build words. Norah was still on a ‘scissor kick’ so she did a lot of (unnecessary?) cutting before gluing the grass on the letters. I used a blank paper and wrote out her name. She used blades of grass and [a lot] of glue to cover my marker to create a grass-terpiece (ugh, sorry).

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