Her First Turtle Crossing

Cassidys first turtle crossing

During this time of quarantine, my eldest, Cassidy, has taken to riding her bike nearly everyday for 2+ hours at a time. She explores the neighborhood, gets exercise, releases stress, builds confidence and, today, had a close encounter with a Delaware-native, aquatic painted turtle. At first, she saw what appeared to be a “large rock” in the middle of our country road. As she peddled closer, it became clear it was a turtle attempting to cross the road, as females so often do in spring looking for nesting areas to lay their eggs. As a defense, the turtle will pull in their arms, legs and head within their shell for protection. As she rode up, the turtle went into defense and became still in the road. This defense works well with most predators, however, it is no match under the wheel of a 2,000 lbs+ car. Cassidy dismounted from her bike, gently picked up the reptile with 2 hands and carried her across the road to the other side in the direction she was facing. This was my daughters first lone experience handling wildlife. After years of watching me, she knew exactly what to do. She rode home as fast as she could, excited to tell me about what happened. She showed me this picture with an ear-to-ear grin. It was a very proud moment for all of us.

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