A Delaware Nature Education Network

Ferns & Feathers is an online network to connect individuals & families with resources for environmental education and adventure in Delaware.

Ferns & Feathers is new and constantly growing. Thank you for understanding this new period of growth. Some of the pages are incomplete or short on information. This new resource is the result of a pandemic but an ever growing need to still be outside, connecting with nature. Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT Ferns & Feathers with questions or comments.
Please check back often as we continue to update and add more information, resources, activities, species, etc!

Why Ferns?… Why Feathers?…
The moment you discover a colorful feather along the trail…
The feeling you get as you walk among the ferns…
That’s why. Those moments and feelings are important for my family and I. This is where we find adventure, peace and even a little humility.

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